Judy B. Swartz is an established empire builder. She can do it all from driving costume and clothing designs, celebrity styling and creating entire fashion empires. Judy’s career has included creating and creative directing successful brands such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Hannah Montana, Melissa McCarthy, Jane Fonda, Ryan’s World (Pocket.Watch), etc. Summer / Fall 2019, you will see Judy’s creative direction for the Jane Fonda Leisure Line launch. For Film and Music, Judy’s successes include styling for Neil Diamond, Phil Collins, Harry Connick Jr, Cheap Trick, Katey Sagal, Lily Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Roth, Margaret Cho … to name just a few.

Over 80 music videos for over 50 top grossing artists, 30 TV Movies, 8 TV Series and 8 Feature Films (movies, TV Shows and miniseries … HBO, PBS, Showtime, ABC, NBC and CBS)

Judy B. Swartz helped Melissa McCarthy win kudos for her Red Carpet and Special Events and global press tours for her highly successful feature films including Spy, The Boss, and Ghostbusters. In addition to her prior work with Melissa McCarthy, Judy is now helping other celebrities and entertainment companies create their own Lifestyle brands. Judy loves and embraces her work and says, “My eye and expertise can take any apparel product and drive enthusiasm, excitement and sales. I have an uncanny knack for prognosticating major fashion trends years before they hit the retailers.” Judy also has a passion for creating and designing clothing to make women of all ages feel good about themselves.

Judy B Swartz Story


In the words of Judy, “There’s something very exciting happening with young women today, and it’s a good thing. It’s a healthy marriage between how they look, how they look at themselves, and even more important, how they feel.

It’s where the outside and the inside come together to create something beautiful.”

And that’s just where Judy Swartz comes in; all of her brands are designed to enhance a young woman’s perception of who she is. It speaks to her individuality, her own unique way of walking through the world. And it gives her the confidence to be okay with just being herself. Judy drives that vision, whether it is for a movie costume design, celebrity fashion line or retail line. Her talent as a fashion designer has spanned decades and she continues to be a trendsetter.

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